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A digital marketing podcast that mixes useful advice and guidance with a little fun.

Sometimes you can’t take digital marketing too seriously. Learn to “go for it” with your new punk digital marketing attitude and not be too afraid of making mistakes.

Perfect small business owners and start ups to discover how to kick start their digital marketing efforts in plain and simple terms.

No Geek Speak

No Sales Talk

Plain and simple digital marketing advice…

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The Story of The Digital Marketing Punkcast

As a fan (and practitioner) of Digital Marketing I listened to podcasts in that area. Some were great, but I always felt they were just a little cold, impersonal… dare I say it… corporate?

I wanted something which mixed a little bit of genuine information, guidance, news and advice with something I enjoyed from the other “none digital marketing” podcasts.

A little bit of fun, entertainment and that feeling of a relationship with the person / people on the other side of the microphone.

My enduring partner was kind enough to listen to me as I went on and on saying “I want to do this podcast, but maybe I’ll do it next year or the year after”

Truth is, I should of done it there and then! (which is what my partner kept telling me, she’s always right!).

Digital Marketing Punk

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