What is it?

This is a super quick, easy and (best of all) FREE Google position rank checker which works in Google Sheets. 

So if you have a Google account with Google Drive, then you can take a copy of this Google Sheet and save it to your own Drive, add your domain, plus your key phrases you’ll like to track and then you have you’re own pre-packaged Google Rank Tracker. Perfect!

Who is this for? 

This is not the tool if you are an Digital Marketing expert or SEO professional. 

This tool is perfectly suited for the busy small business owner who is looking to have an easy way to keep tabs on your Google Rankings. Without all the hassle and without the big expensive price tag.

What is so good about it?

This isn’t an all singing, all dancing rank tracker by any means. There are better paid alternatives if you are looking for some comprehensive data to start drilling down into. 

This is just super easy to grab a copy of and then add your keywords too. 

In short… It’s so easy and it’s free. Plus you can carry it around with you in your Google Drive. 

What does it lack?

It does lack some things which you may think are essential to tracking your Google rankings. Such as…

  • No Desktop and Mobile Ranking Tracking (I think this is just desktop rankings)
  • You can’t track your rankings day by day and store that data (however, with a bit of work and know-how I don’t see why that isn’t possible)

Want to try it out?

You can go over to the RankTank website now and download the Google Sheet.