Digital Marketing Speaker

I love talking about Digital Marketing…

I suppose it would be worrying if I didn’t right?

However, I do love talking about it and enthusing other people about the wonderful world of digital marketing.

You can hire me to speak at your event all about many different aspects of digital marketing…

I can crack some terrible jokes as well…

Upcoming Speaking Events

  • Wed
    7:30 pmSociety1, Preston

    I was asked to speak at the #DigitalMeetupPreston event to talking about...

    The (Not So Distant) Future Challenges of Digital Marketing (and How To Deal With Them)

  • Sat
    9:00 amHotel Football, Manchester

    For the first time ever BlogOn will be hosting a session about Podcasting!

    We are very privileged to welcome Tom Marriott also known asĀ Digital Marketing Punk

    Podcasting is red hot at the moment, as it's become much more accessible and easier for content creators to monetise effectively.
    In this session, you will learn how to set up and market your own podcast to distribute your content to a whole new audience in a few easy steps and why you should think about starting one.

    Don't let the idea of podcasting put you off! Creating an awesome podcast can be super cheap and easy!

    Book your tickets now...

What Can I Speak About?

Depending on the needs of your group that you wish me to speak to, I can make the content of my talk completely bespoke about the following topics…


We all love SEO right?

Okay, some people hate SEO and everything that it means. However, it’s a really powerful marketing tool and with the right strategies it can work.


Google Ads

Still one of the most powerful marketing tools at any business can use. However, for many it’s a little daunting. I can help teach you how to ease yourself into Google Ads and grow organically.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

It’s the shiny new thing that EVERYONE can use. Well, it’s not so shiny anymore and although everyone can use it, it’s doesn’t just magically make your business.

Want to hear more of me?

I understand if you want to hear a little more of what I sound like first.

Fortunately I do have a podcast called “The Digital Marketing Punkcast” which should give you a good idea how I do things…

You can even subscribe to the podcast here…

Find Out If I’m Free!

(and I really think you should)