Digital Marketing Consultant


You can get the most out of your digital marketing with one to one consultancy which is made for small businesses”

The Punk Digital Marketing Consultancy…

I understand that digital marketing can seem overwhelming.

SEO? PPC? CTR? (and all the other acronyms that go with it.)

Truth is, once it’s all boiled down. It’s really, really simple.

But where to start? and what’s the plan?

I’ve worked in Digital Marketing for a long time within numerous agencies (and I still do!).

When I talk to a client I hear the same things over and over…

“I’m Not Tech Savy / I’m Not Computer Literate”

“I Don’t Know Where To Start”

“What’s the Best Digital Channel For Me?”

No Complex Geek-Speak or Sales Jargon

It all stems from the digital marketing world being over-complicated by complex geek-speak and salesperson jargon.

As with all businesses, and their digital marketing, you start small and grow.

If you start small, it’s manageable and cost-effective.

As you grow, you learn and it all becomes less overwhelming.

My digital marketing consultancy service is here to provide you and your small business with the guidance and expertise to reassure you that you are heading in the right direction and starting from the right spot.

What We Will Work On Together

There are key areas of digital marketing which we may focus on…

However, every business is different, so we will look at the areas which suit your business best.


Search Engine Optimisation is the process of improving your web visibility through search engines searches. We will take a look at your search visibility and improve it to get customers who are looking for your products or services to find you.


Still one of the most powerful marketing tools at any business can use. Google Ads and social media advertising platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can help you find customers who are interested in your business.

Social Media

It’s the shiny new thing that EVERYONE can use. Well, it’s not so shiny anymore and although everyone can use it, it’s doesn’t just magically make your business. We will work together to grow a core audience on your social media channels.

Content Creation

Creating content for your business is paramount to digital success. Without valuable content, you have no voice in the digital world.

We will work together to find the questions that your key audience need answering and prove to them why they need you and your products and services to help them.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

You can be driving all the users you want at your website, but if it’s not an effective place to convert then you stand no chance of making any money.

Using data we can work together to look at the traffic coming to your website and determine why it’s not converting or improve it to convert better.

Anything Else…

Sadly I can’t pigeon hole all aspects of working with me into a range of predefined categories as it can spiral into vast and varied fields. However, if you do require any other assistance with the digital side of your business I’m quite confident in saying that, even if I can’t help personally, my vast network of trusted professionals will be able to assist.

No Sugar Coating

From experience, I know when salespeople get involved (no offence to them), expectations can be stretched.

Working on your digital marketing with me is a “grow and learn” process not a “smash and grab” process.

We’ll start from the very bottom and work our way up the digital growth ladder together.

Over time, results will come.

How We Will Work Together

We will work together depending on your needs and requirements…


From the offset, I will identify your goals and aspirations.


We can build a strategy together based on those aspirations.


Once a month we will have a virtual consultation about your digital marketing strategy


Every session we will identify tasks that you will need to carry out which we will review in the next session.

 Then…Repeat and Grow!

Why Punk Consulting?

Punk is all about just going for it, DIY attitude and not giving a fuck. So I want to take that attitude and apply it to digital marketing for SMEs so they can give digital marketing for themselves at an entry level and to demystify the world of digital marketing and to learn to love it rather than fear it.

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