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“I got fed up of Digital Marketing being mis-sold to small business owners who are busy and overworked…

Digital Marketing can be revolutionary for a small business, if it’s done right.

Through one-to-one consultancy or training I hope to help as many small business owners as I can to take ownership of their own digital marketing strategy.

So it’s time for you to take back Digital Marketing…

...This is Digital Marketing Punk."

What is Digital Marketing Punk?

Digital Marketing Punk is an active resistance against bad digital marketing, which is still widely sold in mass to unsuspecting small businesses by a seedy underworld of digital agencies that confuse you with talk of digital voodoo and technical jargon.

Punk is an activate mindset to just go for it and having an open DIY mental attitude. So I want to take that mindset and applying it to digital marketing for small business so they can apply digital marketing strategy for themselves at an entry level and to learn to love it rather than fear it.

Free Facebook Community To Improve Your Digital Marketing!

Join a free community where small and medium sized businesses can get together and discuss, ask questions, get feedback about their digital marketing efforts.

Get free help from the community and I will be adding useful content and the occasional live training session.

Speaking Events

Event Information:

  • Wed


    7:30 pmSociety1, Preston

    I was asked to speak at the #DigitalMeetupPreston event to talking about...

    The (Not So Distant) Future Challenges of Digital Marketing (and How To Deal With Them)

Digital Marketing Punk Tool Kit

We all love handy tools that make our lives that little bit easier and get things done that little bit faster. I know that I’m a massive fan of them, however, finding the right tool for the job can be a little time-consuming itself.

I’ve compiled a selection of handpicked digital marketing tools that I use every day. I want to share them with you…

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